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Executive search is the targeted and systematic search for executive managers through direct contact with the candidates. In a discussion with our clients, we define the job specifications for the executive position to be filled, as well as the approach to identifying qualified and motivated candidates. In so doing, we develop a systematic, qualified search process to find the best available candidates.

What you can expect from us

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  • We will find personnel with the necessary level of professional competence to complete the assignment.
  • We will inform you about any possible conflicts of interest arising from the client or mandate structure, as well as other relevant circumstances.
  • We maintain absolute discretion and confidentially when dealing with information you have provided to process the job order. This information will only be used for completing the commissioned search request. Information will only be transmitted to potential candidates to the extent approved by the client, as required for a successful job order processing.
  • We will stipulate a realistic timeframe for executing the job order. Depending on the type of position that needs to be filled and the availability of qualified candidates, this timeframe can extend anywhere from a few weeks to a few months until the completion of the order. We will stay in close contact with you during the entire period and inform you about the current status of the executive search.
  • Following a thorough evaluation of the personal interviews conducted by our consultants, we will present you with the best available candidates. Together with you, we will then discuss the proper procedure for the upcoming personal presentations, for obtaining references and for seeking assistance in drawing up the contractual agreements. In this phase of the job order, you will also receive a full range of comprehensive services.
  • After the candidate has been hired, we will continue to advise and assist you and remain in contact with both you and the placed candidate in order to support his or her full integration.
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What we expect from you

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The most important prerequisite for the successful conclusion of a consulting mandate is our clear understanding of the position to be filled, the requirements demanded of the new job holder, and the client’s corporate culture.

This involves clarity regarding the following:

  • Your requirements for the candidate’s technical and professional qualifications
  • The position’s area of responsibility as well as the social and interpersonal skills required of the candidate
  • The desired leadership qualities

To ensure a professional approach and successful interview management with the potential candidates, it is crucial that we have access to a full range of relevant information to fill the position.

The sensitive nature of the search, selection and decision-making process for all parties involved can only be served by an exclusive consultancy relationship between KMCG and the client.

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