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KMCG is an independent consulting firm specializing in direct contact with candidates for placement in challenging managerial and specialized positions.

KMCG consultants possess wide-ranging expertise in national and international management roles. The consultant who has contacted you is an expert in your field. He exclusively handles executive searches and is a competent and objective consultant with regard to the position to be filled.

KMCG operates solely by exclusive mandate on behalf of its clients. This means that the consultant values loyalty toward his client as much as duty of care towards his candidates.

When we contact you, you can be assured that we are well acquainted with our clients’ company, market environment and specifics. We’re not interested in making “fast deals”; we’re interested in finding the best, long-term solution for both the client and candidate.

What you can expect from us

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  • We ensure you the maximum level of confidentiality and discretion.
  • We will give you a realistic and comprehensive description of the position to be filled and the company.
  • An adequate exchange of information will take place concerning the search process procedure. You will be updated on the current status of the search at regular intervals.
  • We take into account that you have limited time and try to ensure an optimal timing of communication, both with KMCG and with the client. We respect your responsibilities toward your current employer.
  • We guarantee the protection of your personal information you submit to us within the process.
  • You can expect an open and trustworthy collaboration with us.
  • During the entire process, and especially when requesting references, we exercise particular care and caution.
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